Friday, August 16, 2013

The Daily Dose of Art - Day 33

For Strong Arming the Opposition
The art365 project I'll display for the day won't be anything spectacular being a mere exercise of reproducing the basic likeness of an image from the book entitled Complete Guide to Drawing From Life. The Strong Arm sketch is merely one of many ideas I worked on today. The other works I tried my hand at today were explorations of ideas that I don't want to share as of yet so the images will have to remain in the shadows for now.

I will say I worked on a simple sticker design that came close to the mark on what I was trying for. It's an anthropomorphic style image of a once common household item that I'm trying to poke ironic fun at of its recent extinction.

I also worked on a drawing for a larger stencil which turned out pretty cool even though it's only a sketch. It's a little more original than the "no soliciting" eyes since I relied on real photos that I could use for modeling references.