Sunday, May 19, 2013

Cardboard Sculpture: Building the Mandibles

I only have time to provide a blitzkrieg update before I have to blast off to set up my wire Godzilla sculpture at the Shoreline Community College art gallery this morning.

I've been hard at work typically doing contract work in the mornings and switching over to work on the cardboard sculpture during afternoon and evening. I've temporarily stopped doing anything else as I work non-stop until at least 10:00 PM or later on the sculpture. With only 10 days remaining, there is so much to do.

As of this morning, I was working on her mandibles including the inner mouth. The lower and upper
jaws are ready as is the back jaw bone attachment for each side. Some of what you see in the picture is merely scaffolding to position the mandibles and won't be included in the sculpture. I'll have to figure out a good way to hold odd pieces like this later when I have more time.

As for the project, next I have to attach the lower and upper jaws together. I'll get to that when I return from the art gallery. Seems I'm almost out of glue too. Only three sticks left from a fifty stick pack. Good thing I have another 40 percent off coupon for Joann as they have some affordable glue packs there when using the discount. Gotta run. More later.