Monday, May 6, 2013

Art-Related Sites: the Artick Playground

Every once in a while I'll stumble across an interesting site while researching a project I'm working on. Today is no different as I found an interesting place that contained a number of pictures to projects that make you say things like, "What the heck is that?" or "That's too cool! How'd they think of that?"

So since I find value in hunting through artistic creations for seed ideas and pictures to add to my digital scrapbook, I thought I'd share these links in brief posts as I encounter them.

This time around, I was researching the subject material for my upcoming project in the three dimensional design class. The exercise requires creating an object from cardboard. The final creation must be no less than four feet in size on at least one dimension. I have several ideas I'm tossing around and so I set out to find pictures. That's when I stumbled across a site called Artick Playground. They have a number of interesting articles with a section focused on unusual art. Cruise over and check out cool imagery like 50 Disassembled Objects if you have the time (Thanks go to Mike at BlogDogIt for pointing out the article) Taking the common place and presenting it to us in unusual ways kicks our creativity up a notch. And hey, your only real expenditure is the time you use browsing.

As for me you might be wondering what I decide to use as a subject for the upcoming class exercise. Soon, very soon, I'll provide details. But for now, wait until the moon is full.

Today's art-related site link: AP Artick Playground