Saturday, March 2, 2013

Why Men Screw Women

Because it makes for a Happy Sequestration Day, that's why. Screwed financially that is as per the Jezebel article about the sequestration. Hey now, you didn't make any assumptions about the title did you?

Ah, so the sequestration targets women more so than males? Seems us fellas skate by unscathed as always since we're in the good ol' boy club. We don't need vaccinations. We don't fly, well, at least not on those plebeian flights where you have to wait in line. Public sector jobs? Pfft! We don't work hard (or at all) because women do the hard work for us. Since guys don't work as hard as the ladies, why would we be bothered to be employed in a public sector job?

My, oh my, where would I be with out all these ladies to take on the hardships of life for me? About the same place I am now because "I" deal with my own life issues. Me, not some woman. I get up in the morning, cook my own food, labor on contract work and go to school as I try to figure out how to pay the bills on an income that doesn't meet my expenses. I don't eat out, I don't go to movies and I don't go on vacation. Nor do I have health insurance. At age 50, that's not wise but there's no other choice. Eat or pay insurance, hmm, tough decision. Basically there isn't enough money to make ends meet for the long term. But hey, I'm a guy so nothing to worry about. The club will take care of me and screw the women over in the process. Hooray for the club! Now when do I get that big payoff?

So, with that said, this is my unfriendly face. This is my unfriendly face looking even more unfriendly. Expect no sympathy, compassion or even understanding from me anymore.