Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Witch of Oz has Spoken

Seems Lindy West over at Jezebel managed to provide more of her words of wisdom about the male population. Check out her latest article about how men are the true whinny little b!tches. Holy bat guano batman, she pegged us dudes for the whiners we truly are.

Oh yeah, guys are whiny all right. I recall whining up a storm when I pulled a bone fragment from my lower jaw using a pair of needle nosed pliers. A residual bone splinter from an impacted wisdom tooth removal decided to surface years after procedure and was slicing the underside of my tongue to ribbons. I didn't have insurance at the time so a trip to the dentist was out. Being a whiny wimp, I grabbed the most sissy tool I could find: a pair of needle nosed pliers. Little bitty things those needle nose pliers were, just like me. With a bit of effort, I removed the bone fragment without anesthetic or a dentist by pulling it out. Oh, speaking of no anesthetic, there was the time I whined like a baby when my doctor cut into my down-underverse region without properly anesthetizing the incision point. What did I do after I whined like a typical man does? Did I threaten to start a lawsuit? Nope. Instead, I walked into the parking lot, got into my truck and drove myself home with some gnarly burning going on the whole time. It was then that I started my three month campaign of pain from an unexpected bleeder, a small severed blood artery, that made me hate gravity and learn a new respect for tight briefs. Ah, but remember, I'm just a whiny white dude who bitches on Twitter about everything.

It seems the great Lindy of Jezebel Oz can't back up a bit and take a different look at things. Perhaps it's because her massive brain is so busy thinking up more all-in-good fun male bashing that she doesn't have time to think about things from multiple perspectives. Okay then, let's be open minded and try looking at the issue from different angle shall we? I know, it hurts to think differently, but let's just give it a try anyway. Might it be that men (and women) complaining is the result of something more than mere lip service to release anger or frustration? Might it be a way to share thoughts with others? Nah, not if it's guys. We don't share. we take, we steal and we stink the planet up. Scratch that, we dudes, especially us white dudes, totally screw the planet over then whine about it. We need some suicide booths along with roughly three billion coins for operation to give to all us XY knuckle draggers so we can stop using up the precious air the ladies need.

Yeah, I understand that Lindy West is being facetious with sarcastic humor. Unfortunately, Lindy West has fallen into a standard operation procedure I've seen feminists use for ages: ridicule men while claiming the action is justified for feminists but not for men because of past events as she implies here:

"That's not how we talk about men. But, oops, it is how we talk about women!"

Lindy West is no better than the men she's ridiculing because if bashing isn't good for women, why is it good for men? And how is her "it's all in good fun," presentation atmosphere is any different from a verbal antagonist who picks away at people claiming the same? Answer that oh wizard, er witch, er, oh whatever the hell you are over at Jezebel Oz.