Saturday, March 23, 2013

Project Weasel: Changes to the Tilt mechanism

In my last post about the easel, I mentioned an issue with the tilt mechanism for the work surface. The way the storm door closers were mounted did not allow any forward tilt. The best I could achieve was a vertical orientation which is less than helpful for materials like pastels. 

To correct this issue, I moved the anchor points for the closers. By placing a support board across the bottom frame members, I was able to gain more travel from the closers. The surface now tilts forward by ten degrees. I can obtain a few more degrees of forward tilt by lengthening the travel stop cable at the top of the scissor arm. The existing cable does not have enough slack to allow any further adjustment. Fortunately, I have additional cable in the garage and will cut an appropriate length tomorrow.

Another change I made was to add ten pounds of counterweight to the rope and pulley arrangement. This helped considerably as the sliding work surface now moves up or down with relative ease.

As it stands, the easel is fully functional but I am considering the addition of leveler feet that can be adjusted up or down in order to compensate for uneven floors. Since my floor in the utility room is not level, it introduces the dreaded three legged table issue whereI have to to jam something beneath one of the wheels to prevent any unwanted movement. Lowes or Home Depot will likely carry something I can retrofit to provide a solution so I'll post another update once I have a functional fix.

If you want, you can read about the project from the start at this link: Project Weasel.