Sunday, March 3, 2013

Facebook: Putting the Problem Child To Bed

Bye bye Facebook. Hello real life. I put the problem child Facebook down to sleep. Or perhaps a better analogy would be that I put a wounded animal out its misery.

Talk about a bad user experience. Facebook is not exactly set up for ease of access when finding the different settings or changing options. Increasing the security for access was painful. It took 15 minutes to do something that should have taken three minutes. Problems ranged from web site addresses only working intermittently to such problems such as unpredictable behavior where pages would display but were blank. No happy face goes to the Facebook hacker team for that horrible experience. Move fast, break things then move on seems to be the Facebook quality control methodology.

But, after all the futzing around, I was able to set up enhanced security. I also turned chat mode off because with the constant changes Facebook programmers hack into place, the need to do administration won't go away. Turning off chat mode prevents any unwanted communications popping  up when I'm only there to make some profile adjustment. So with the exception of administration to protect my account from hacker attacks, I'm no longer using Facebook.