Sunday, February 24, 2013

In the News - Feb 24, 2013

Using a recognizable  title as well as a set of keywords, "In the News" will be a re-occurring post where I pick articles from the news to talk about. I may occasionally update a post throughout the day as noteworthy events happen. What's the reason? Just because I feel like it, that's why. Onward with today's banter:

The Guardian published an article about civilian deaths in Afghanistan.

From the article:
"People have been complaining about US special forces units torturing people, killing people in that province, and nine individuals were taken from their homes recently and they have just disappeared and [no one knows where they have gone]," Faizi said.
Faizi then goes on to say:
"These individuals in the US special forces, [who are behind these crimes like murdering and torturing people and harassing people], this is in itself an elemental factor in the deteriorating security situation."
The way I see  it, either someone has conclusive evidence or they don't. Faizi lost any credibility in my opinion by making the second accusation while fundamentally claiming in the first there is question about who did what.

One thing I observed after reader several different articles, depending upon the point of origin, the bias changes dramatically. When there is considerable variation, closer attention is warranted because agendas are at work such as cultural bias, propaganda or other such things. As for myself, I have insufficient access to details to make any conclusive judgment. But I also believe there are more things involved than are being presented including additional role players in the situation. At least the UK article provided some additional perspective, even if it does feel biased. 

US Today published an article about Gun Manufacturers Considering Move to Different States.

From the article:
"The enemies of freedom are waging an all-out assault on the Second Amendment to the Constitution, which we have sworn to protect and defend,"
"This isn't about deer hunting," he said. "The Second Amendment is about our right to keep and bear arms to defend ourselves."
To this I respond: Rep. Jeff Duncan, now there's a representative who thinks! Good on ya sir for doing your part to uphold the Constitution and all it stands for.