Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Small Print

Don't ya just love life? For some of us, when we were young everything was crystal clear. We knew it all and there wasn't a thing that didn't make sense. Our wits were quick, our senses were razor sharp, and we were going to change the world. Never mind all those old fogeys around us, Those old duffers were simply bitter when they laughed and said we had illusions of grandeur. We'd show them a thing or two.

Then as life moved on, things changed around us. Not everything was what we thought it was. Things became fuzzy - in more ways than one. No, I'm not just talking about our thoughts on the world around us. I'm talking about the wonderful little trick life plays by slowly reminding us about the way of the world. Not only does our hair thin out, but our memories become more like those of fish. Nine seconds after we've thought of something, we've already forgotten it. And we sometimes feel like the Grinch when he had his epiphany - except it wasn't our heart that grew three times larger but our waist lines. :))

But for me, one of the biggest kickers is vision. In the last couple of months, I've reached a point where I can't read a thing up close. It hit home recently when a co-worker turned his cellphone my direction to let me see a text message on its screen. You guessed it, all I could see was a serious case of the fuzzies. Sadly, I'm pretty darned familiar with the fuzzies now. I think somewhere along the line, they even added a 27th letter in the English alphabet, but I just can't quite read what it is. :))

Sigh! I've become my father in ways, especially with the eye sight. I remember the old man always reaching for a cheap pair of dime-store reading glasses he had for the newspaper. Guess what I have? A cheap pair of dime-store glasses for those times I simply have to read that not-so-small print. Guess it's time for a visit to the eye doc soon.

Life - it comes full circle. We start out thinking we know everything. But eventually we learn life isn't always as crystal clear as it was when we were 19. But you know what? One thing hasn't changed - I still have my illusions of grandeur! :D